Touch-activated bird sings, flowers open and close. Narration and glossaries English/French.

SCBWI Crystal Kite Winner, 2012

Finishing Line Press, 2011

On New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age list and a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year, 2002

Bank Street College Best Book of the Year, 2008


A Word's a Bird, Spring Flies By in Rhymes
An Animated, Interactive, Bilingual Poetry App (all ages)

A shoot's a flute/you hear/when a breeze/ is blowing near/a band of flowers...
The ducklings sing back whatever tune you compose on the flowering shoots!

Thelonious Mouse
Thelonious was some cool cat—for a mouse.
Scatting to the beat of his dancing feet,
the snazziest, jazziest mouse alive sends Fat Cat into overdrive!
Will sly mouse live to sing alonious?
That’s the twist in this tale of Thelonious!

What Remains
Praise from poets for What Remains:

The world Orel Protopopescu creates in her poems is rich with music, cinnamon, birds, fish,and family; with exile and celebration and mourning. "In our corner of America/where all was supposed to rise/what a pleasure to lower ourselves/and slip under a bamboo bar/further and further towards something like love..." she writes in one of my favorites from this collection. These poems revere love from the ground up, from the places it begins and the warm arms of earth in which it is laid to rest.
--Alison Luterman

Winner of First Prize, Oberon Poetry Magazine, 2010:

Listening to My Favorite Things
From The Best of John Coltrane

I never liked this silly song
before I got hooked on the way
brushes whisper to the drum heads
as Trane dips and slides over the melody,
teasing me with his horn,
drawing me along the edge
of the abyss where his star pulses.

His notes appear and disappear
like those slim, beautiful boys
who played basketball in torn Keds
and leaned against the rough brick walls
of the projects until their dark skins
were scraped with comet trails.

Some lost half-lives to heroin,
to prison, to grief held back
until they burst the way
Coltrane explodes in my ears,
horn chattering like a crazed parrot,
shredding the melody and taking it
up where he wails and climbs.

When he drags it back,
that annoying tune is a snake charmer’s dirge,
slower, sadder, older, wiser,
like my old friends,
sometime boys who shot for the stars
and fell, leaving their music in my head.

So I cry when,
after taking me so far,
after thirteen eternal minutes,
Trane knots a perfect loop
of pure round sound,
then strangles it.

A Thousand Peaks, Poems from China
The poems have poetic, rhymed translations, as well as word-for-word transliterations of the characters. Beautifully illustrated, each poem is accompanied by prose texts that describe the world of these poets and the culture that inspired them.

"A wonderful sampling of Chinese traditional shi style poetry... Not only is the surface meaning captured for each poem, but also its poetic spirit and quality.”
--Hua-yuanMowry, Dartmouth College

Praise for Two Sticks:

"A tongue-twisting read-aloud hit. Wilsdorf adds to the slapstick and exuberant mood with bright, colorful, action-filled acrylics picturing wild-haired fearless Maybelle, who follows her own beat and makes joyful noise." --Booklist

"The text sets a catchy rhythm and never lets go. Wilsdorf’s illustrations, rich in saturated color, glow with warmth and vibrancy.” --Kirkus Reviews

"Wilsdorf captures the verve and action of the tale in vibrant colors and broad strokes." --School Library Journal

“Pure entertainment.” –The Orlando Sentinel

Selected Works

iPad App, Poetry
"A Word's a Bird slows down the frantic speed of most apps for children to fit the slower pace of Nature. The beauty of the illustrations, the meticulous work of the artists, and the interactive play combine to make a wondrous learning experience, a terrific way to expose children to poetry, art and Nature itself."
--Billy Collins, Poet Laureate
of the United States from 2001-2003

"A truly enchanting and poetic journey, this application is a treat for the eyes and ears..."
-- iPadou

“In perhaps the app’s most engaging feature, tapping out any melody on the lilies causes the ducklings to mimic it.”
--Kirkus Reviews
Picture book (ages 4-7)
"Replete with scat-y, cat-and-mouse–y wordplay, this is giggle-worthy fun."
--Kirkus Reviews
"The hip rhythms and tongue-twisting humor in this jazzy, poetic, fun-to-read-aloud book make it a keeper your child will want to read over and over again."
--Cricket Magazine online
— “Getting the beat and the tongue-twisting phrases just right takes some practice, but the outcome is well worth the effort.”
— "Children will cheer for this rascally oddball rebel."

Thelonious Mouse got his name from the great American jazz composer and pianist, Thelonious Monk. This jazzy mouse risks his tail and more to fierce Fat Cat, because Thelonious has “too much music in him to stuff into a mouse hole.” Yet beneath the sometimes scary hilarity, young readers discover a vital message: It takes courage to be all we can be.

Thelonious Monk showed that creative courage all his life, persevering with his unique style of music when others called him “eccentric.” He was also a devoted family man, who composed songs for his son and daughter.
Orel Protopopescu is a poet of lyrical mastery and ease—and this, her initial volume of verse!
--Vince Clemente
Poetry and history (grades 5 and up)
Thirty-five poems, from the Han dynasty to the modern era, in English and Chinese. “It's about as close to Chinese literature as young English-speaking readers can get.”
--School Library Journal

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